Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lake Fayetteville Nature Trail and Paved Loop News

Yesterday, I went to Lake Fayetteville again and it turned out to be a great day for birding and seeing some interesting aquatic life.  I walked most of the nature trail around the lake and while I enjoyed all of it, I did appreciate some parts much more than others.  The map below shows the trails around the lake.  Blue represents paved trails and roads, green represents my favorite sections of unpaved trail, and orange represents my least favorite.  Though all the dirt trails are referred to as part of a nature trail, the ones around the outside edge of the park on the north side are really more for mountain biking and running, as they go through less scenic areas often by roads.  The trails shown in green felt more like a true nature trail, with great views of the lake, lots of wildlife, plenty of solitude and no bikes whizzing by.

View Lake Fayetteville 2 in a larger map

In other Lake Fayetteville related news: it was reported recently that work to complete the paved loop around the lake will begin this summer.  *UPDATE* Paved Loop is Finished.

Dead End Ending Soon


  1. I like your map of the trail. Can you please message me to tell me how you got it on your site?



  2. Whitney,
    Thanks for visiting and for your comment! I do most of the maps on here through Google Maps. If you go to and click "Create Map" you can make your own. You can use the three tools in white boxes at the top left of the map to draw paths or label important spots. You can also import a kml from another program or app. I use the Cyclemeter app on my phone to record my hikes and it automatically e-mails me a link I can import to Google Maps.
    When you are done with the map, click the "link" symbol and choose the Paste HTML option or "Customize and Preview". Sometimes this option isn't available and for some reason it helps to close the tab and go back to your map in a new tab. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.