Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lake Wilson - Joe Clark Trail

Today I drove out to Lake Wilson Park to explore the Joe Clark Trail and the adventure began before I got to the lake since Wilson Hollow Rd. was closed for repairs.  After checking the map, I decided to take an alternate route to the park via Schaeffer Rd., which turned out to be a gravel road that had seen better days.

According to Access Fayetteville, there are 3.1 miles of trail in the park, but the route I took, the outer loop, is about half that.  A full map can be found here.  I hope to visit again in the spring and check out the other routes.  My favorite part of the trail was the interesting rock outcropping near the southeastern corner of the trail.  The worst part of the trail were the numerous dump sites near the northeast corner of the lake.

Updated 10/8/13 - The map below now shows all the trails.

View Lake Wilson in a larger map

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