Sunday, March 19, 2017

Carrizo Plain National Monument - 2017 Superbloom

Carrizo Plain National Monument Superbloom 2017 - South of Soda Lake - Best Dog Ever Buddy Wisely Chamberlin
Carrizo Plain Superbloom 2017 - South of Soda Lake

All the rain California got this winter will have many positive impacts on the state this year. Snowpack and reservoirs are much higher than average and way higher than recent years meaning better skiing, more drinking water, more water for agriculture and wildlife, and more hydropower.

It also means SUPERBLOOMS in the desert! I wanted to see one of these superblooms after reading about the ones last year in Death Valley and a coworker recommended Carrizo Plain National Monument, which happens to be a couple hours less driving for folks living in the Bay Area.

This website has some maps and other information on the monument. Once you get there information, water, and garbage cans can be difficult to come by, so bring gallons of water and be prepared to pack out your trash!

The two developed campgrounds are beautiful, have great views, and interesting features to explore nearby. In my opinion, Selby Campground is a bit more scenic and interesting. You can also camp anywhere in large sections of the monument (generally in the higher elevations).

Most of the land here is BLM land, which gives you more freedom than typically found on National Park Service lands, but fewer amenities/services. We loved being able hike with our dog and even let him off in places. We didn't like struggling to get accurate information on water and other important topics.

I think we got there a big early for the superbloom, but we still saw a ton of yellow, orange, purple, and blue flowers. I think we'll try again in a year or two and either camp at Selby or backpack into the hills a bit.

Have you been? What do you do? Where did you stay? Let me know in the comments!

Hill above KCL Campground - Carrizo Plain National Monument 2017 Superbloom