Saturday, November 17, 2012

Mt. Kessler Greenways

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With spectacular views, over eight miles of hiking and mountain biking trails, and located just a few miles from the heart of Fayetteville (and campus), Mt. Kessler Greenways is a great place to get out in the woods.  The trails are largely on private land, so be sure to register to use the trails first and stay on the trails when you go.

I went with my friend John and Buddy today to explore some of the trails.  John and I had been before but only did about half a mile due to bad weather.  The map below shows the route we took, which covered 6 miles.  The trail had lots of great views and in one place, marked on the map, the trail runs along a ridge with views off to both sides.

One of the big highlights of the trail is not far from the parking area.  "Rock City", has lots of interesting rock formations reminiscent of parts of Devil's Den State Park (but way closer to Fayetteville).

Efforts are underway to boost awareness of the value of Mt. Kessler and to encourage local governments and the university to help preserve this area as a great recreational and educational resource for the community.  The Mt. Kessler properties border Fayetteville's new regional park, creating the potential for an expanded network of trails and educational facilities.

To find out more visit:  or my more detailed post with more photos and mapped trails:

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