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Trails of Little Rock Book, Hike Bike PaddleTrails of Little Rock was published in early 2009. It has maps and descriptions of 30 trails (paved, unpaved, and water). The book also ranks trails by difficulty, region, scenery, and solitude. I got the idea for the book after working at Audubon Arkansas for a few years. While exploring area creeks, I realized that I was coming across lots of paved and unpaved trails that I'd never heard about. Since I considered myself fairly outdoorsy, I guessed that most other people in Little Rock hadn't heard about these places either so I set out to make a book focused solely on trails in the Little Rock city limits.
Judging from sales and comments in some reviews, focusing so tightly on trails in Little Rock was perhaps a flawed idea which brings us to...

Trails of Central Arkansas Book Hike Bike Paddle Little Rock Trails
Trails of Central Arkansas is now in stores!  At 150 pages and covering 60 trails it is nearly twice as long as its predecessor, with more trails, more color photos, more descriptions, and more Top 10 lists.  The book includes trails from Conway, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Cabot, Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Redfield, Wrightsville, and Scott.  Maps show topography, trail type, nearby roads, waterbodies, and other points of interest.  Descriptions often include directions, trail conditions, tree and other plant species, and commonly seen animals.

Look for Trails of Central Arkansas at Ozark Outdoor Supply, The Green Corner Store, Wordsworth Books, The Community Bicyclist, Spokes Little Rock, Historic Arkansas Museum, Argenta Market, Wild Birds Unlimited, Chainwheel, The Clinton Museum Store, River Market Books and Gifts, or the State Capitol Gift Shop.

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Mentions in the Press and Other Reviews:

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Trails of Central Arkansas "is a natural follow-up to Chamberlin's Trails of Little Rock, expanding its boundaries to the rest of central Arkansas and paying as much attention to the out-of-the-way as it does to the obvious".

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - "Trails of Little Rock offers the key to outdoor adventures near downtown, subdivisions, malls and busy streets, places where nature enfolds the trail or stream and you're suddenly outside the scope of human influence..."

Comment on Amazon regarding Trails of Little Rock - "Great for locating trails that you as a Little Rock resident or visitor never knew existed."

Another comment on Amazon - "For someone who lives in the Little Rock area and is looking to find new hiking trails, it's quite useful."

Search phrases that brought someone to my website that I'm including here just because - "Best Arkansas Hiking Book" and "Great Arkansas Hiking Guidebook"

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