Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swimming Holes #2

I hit two swimming holes today and have now been to Wreck Hole four times!  My friend John, Buddy, and I first went to explore the Cedar Flats hole near Devil's Den State Park, then drove by Riverside Park where some people were swimming, and stopped at Wreck Hole for some more fun.

Cedar Flats looked like a great place to camp in the fall when it might be warm enough to swim during the day but cool enough to sleep comfortably at night.  The hole was a little dry but we still enjoyed swimming and using the scary looking rope swing.  There were interesting stepped rock slopes on both sides of the creek.  You can also swim in the state park at the swimming pool or at the dam.

The water at Riverside Park still seemed too low to me and the spot isn't that scenic or shaded, so we continued to Wreck Hole.  The recent rain hadn't improved the water level there, but it was still deep in places and cool thanks to a spring.  I've noticed that families tend to use the east side and come in via the park while the younger, rowdier crowd tends to park on Campbell and come in on the railroad/rock side.

After that, we stopped at the small cafe/food stand in downtown West Fork for a couple Lobo Burgers (2 patties, bacon, and ham!) with fried pickles.  Next time I hope to try a pizza and fried broccoli!  Across the street is the Little Oprey, which has country music shows every Saturday night at 7.  I still haven't been, but hope to go soon.

Cedar Flats Swimming Hole Near Devils Den State Park Arkansas Hikes
Cedar Flats

Cedar Flats Swimming Hole near Devils Den State Park
Low Water at Cedar Flats
 Cedar Flats Swimming Hole near Devils Den State Park

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On the off chance that the owner googles the phrase, I found a ring at Wreck Hole that reads "Tina hearts Jesse". Leave me a comment if it is yours.

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