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Individual entries on this blog are going to vary greatly with respect to geography and purpose. One might be about a hike I did yesterday in Fayetteville and the one after that might be about a trail I think they should build in Little Rock. With this in mind, I strongly encourage you to use the tabs across the top of the blog to find postings that are more targeted to your interests.

For those with even narrower foci, feel free to browse the entire list of labels on the right side of the page.

I'm really hoping to get ideas for new trails and other feedback from readers. Please leave comments with your ideas and I will get in touch with you about ways to post them more formally on here. For example if you are trying to get together people interested in building a trail in your neighborhood, let me know the trail idea and I'll post it and provide your contact info.

Here is a map of trails in Arkansas color-coded for trails that appear in my blog (blue), in my books (green), or trails that I hope to publish information on later (red). You can click on the map to move around or zoom in or out. Clicking on markers (especially blue ones) brings up useful information and links.  Not all trails in the books are marked here as added incentive for you to go get a copy!

View Trails of Arkansas in a larger map

If you don't like messing with the map above, here it is zoomed in on Fayetteville:

 And here it is for Central Arkansas:

Here is a map of Arkansas' State Parks.  A more official, and probably better, version can be found here.
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Here is a map of some of the most popular floats in Arkansas.  For blog entries on floating click here.

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