Thursday, January 19, 2012

Using GPS Coordinates in Trails of Central Arkansas

If you've purchased a copy of Trails of Central Arkansas or Trails of Little Rock, you have probably noticed that coordinates are provided for every trail.  In Trails of Little Rock, on the first page, I describe how to make use of these coordinates online.  This information wasn't provided in Trails of Central Arkansas, so here it is:

GPS coordinates provided can be entered into Google Maps or Google Earth to help you get directions to each trailhead.  You can use a space instead of the degree symbol.  For example you would just type 34 50'22.26"N 92 29'34.64"W into the box at to find out where the West Summit Trailhead at Pinnacle is.  In fact, I'm not sure it always works, but you can even leave out the ' and " and leave spaces instead, for example, entering 34 45 19.50N 92 24 25.19W takes you to the Rock Creek Trail.
You can right click any location on the map and choose "directions to here" to get driving directions.  Be sure to enter an address for your current location on the left as well.

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