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Disc Golf Courses in Arkansas

I'm not a disc golf expert, but I do enjoy playing the game and saying the word "frolf" so I thought I'd do a post on it.  Actually, I did a brief, non-thorough search for information on disc golf courses in Arkansas and didn't find anything with all the courses I knew about or any interesting pictures of them so here is my attempt to help fill that gap.  Let me know if I'm missing any or if any of this information is inaccurate! I'll add information and photos as I visit them.  Feel free to send me photos and I will credit you in the caption.

Lake Fayetteville
Courses in Fayetteville:

Lake Fayetteville.  This is probably the most popular course and the most scenic in town.  It is also the most difficult and, judging from my personal experience and the stack of recovered discs at Lewis and Clark, discs are lost in the woods and tall grass quite frequently.  The course begins in the woods by the lake and then heads out into more open territory.  Many baskets are located behind trees. Winter might be the best time to play since you are less likely to lose a disc and might find some (if it has my name and phone number on it, call me!).

Holt Middle School.  This course wraps around the school and is much simpler than the course at Lake Fayetteville.  It has some small hills that make the course fun and being entirely mowed grass makes it a great course for beginners worried about losing discs!  The downside of there being no trees is that you need to watch that sun in the summer months.

Crossover Park/Vandergriff Elementary.  I really like this one.  It has more variation than Holt, yet is still safer on the discs than Lake Fayetteville.  It also has the best signage of all the Fayetteville courses.  Some holes are in the open, some involve trees.  On an unrelated note, these schools have one of the few tracks in the area that are open to the public; something that seems to becoming increasingly rare in the area which is sad if you care about public health and public access to facilities paid for, and maintained by, your tax-dollars (or tuition as the case may be at UA).
Signage at Vandergriff Elementary

Walker Park.  This one is under construction and will be in the northeast corner of the park.

Courses in Little Rock:

Hindman Park - I love this park and the course is nice.  It may expand in the near future across Fourche Creek into the old golf course.

Other courses Northwest Arkansas:
Alma Alma Flying Disc Course

Bentonville Lake Bella Vista - This course wraps around the scenic lake.  Informative signs show a hole map and distance.

Clarksville Cline Park

Fort Smith Ben Geren Park
Fort Smith Tilles Park

Greenland Taylor Park

Other courses in Central Arkansas:
North Little Rock - Burns Park
Cabot - Kerr Station Park
Jacksonville - Dupree Park


Hot Springs - Cedar Glades
Jonesboro - Craighead Forest DGC

Russellville - Russellville DGC

Searcy - Industrial Park

Lake Fayetteville
Springdale - JCF Disc Golf Course

Much of this information was gathered from, which has a nice map (incomplete) and information on how many holes courses have.

Lake Bella Vista

Lake Bella Vista

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