Monday, July 28, 2014

Siloam Springs Whitewater Park

I made my second trip to the Siloam Springs Whitewater Park today and the place was packed.  There were tons of tubers and some kayakers, paddleboards, and even a guy in a canoe.  Some people (myself included) were even going over the rapids solo, but this isn't recommended.  It is especially not recommended to run/ski down the algae-covered concrete slopes of the rapids before diving into the pools beyond; a fact my hip can attest to.

The park has no lifeguards present, so life jackets are highly recommended and paddlers should wear helmets.  Safety and difficulty of the features will vary greatly with water level so be smart out there, watch your kids, and maybe watch people for a bit before you get in for the first time as there can be strong currents and eddies around the features.  During our visit, the upper feature seemed a bit safer, while the lower one seemed to frequently dump tubers out or trap them.

Also, if it is a busy day, please be be mindful of paddlers waiting to use the features.  The park is for everyone so make sure you take turns.  When we went, the paddlers seemed to realize this, but kids on tubes not so much.

The bridge right at the park on Fisher Ford is currently under construction, so be sure to approach for the north.

The city has more information, directions, and regulations at:

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