Monday, October 21, 2013

Buffalo River Trail - Steel Creek to Ponca

We took advantage of the recent chilly weather and camped at Steel Creek Campground on the Buffalo National River.  Steel Creek has some amazing bluffs and is a nice place for some exciting paddling when the water is up.  This particular weekend, it wasn't, so we went for a hike along the Buffalo River Trail.  The section between Steel Creek and Ponca is a short 2 miles, but does have a healthy amount of elevation change.  With the leaves still on the trees, the views here were good but not incredible.  At Ponca, we explored the old James Villines homestead, relaxed by the water, and then walked back to Steel Creek via the trail.  If you didn't like the trail, or would like to make a loop instead, you can take the road back, but it is a bit windy and sometimes people don't obey the speed limit!

On our way home, we ate at the Low Gap Cafe and I recommend it to anyone visiting the area.  On Sundays they have live music and a buffet.  The band we heard played Spanish, Brazilian, American folk, and other unexpected genres of music.  I'm told they have music other days as well.

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