Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bryant Trail - Fayetteville

I wasn't expecting much from this trail after spotting it on Fayetteville's GIS map since the map showed a loop trail winding through a complex of county buildings and a jail in an industrial part of town.  At a bit over a mile, this trail was full of surprises, most pleasant.  Not every trail can claim to pass a jail AND a shooting range.  In fact, a section of the trail is closed when the range is active.  Besides those landmarks, the trail runs through open grassy areas with some shade trees.  As you can see on the map below, the trail overlaps a road for a short distance.  This isn't well labeled, so just follow the road until you find the trail again.

Parking for the trail is located off Clydesdale Dr. off of School Ave. in southern Fayetteville.

Reason the trail exists

Illustration of the natural/industrial dichotomy on this trail

View Bryant Trail in a larger map

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