Thursday, September 5, 2013

Castle Rocks State Park - Idaho

Located in southern Idaho, roughly 40 miles from Burley, Castle Rocks State Park is home to some interesting rock features.  For this reason, it and the larger neighboring City of Rocks National Reserve, are very popular with climbers.

The park has a network of unpaved trails that work their way around and over the rocks, making it easy to go for short or long hikes.  Be on the lookout for Native American petroglyphs in this interesting and scenic area with its rocky crags, drier plant species like sage, pines, cedar, juniper, and cacti, but also aspens.  I particularly enjoyed seeing curl-leaf mountain mahogany, with its fascinating helical, feather-like seeds.

For more information on the numerous great places along I-84 in southern Idaho, click on over to my piece on Bruneau Dunes State Park.

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