Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Regular Features

I will be trying out some new regular features on the blog in an effort to get back into book writing mode.  These posts will be more formal and provide descriptions, maps, and photos with out all the "Last week Buddy and I decided to..." narrative.

The features I plan on introducing are:
1.  State Park of the Week.  These will be limited to Arkansas State Parks and should boost the amount of Arkansas content I have on here, even when I'm out-of-state.

2.  National Park of the Week.  These will somewhat obviously not be limited to Arkansas.  While outside the scope indicated by the title of this blog, National Parks are amazing places and I like visiting and writing about them so I will!

Both will have their own labels/tags (SPOTW & NPOTW) so if you enjoy this style more than my typical articles, you can easily access only articles done this way.

I also plan on getting back into more policy related pieces. I haven't done any recently, but have some good ones planned on a variety of issues relating to hiking, biking, and paddling in Arkansas.

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