Monday, September 19, 2011

Tyler Bend Trails - Things to do When the Buffalo is Too Low

Yesterday, I found myself in Gilbert with "Very Low" amounts of water on the Buffalo.  Even after raining most the day yesterday, the river is still "Very Low" according the the USGS.  So, rather than figure out a shuttle and drag a kayak down a few miles of gravel, I decided to explore some nearby trails.  The Buffalo River Trail, which I believe is now part of the Ozark Highlands Trail, runs past Gilbert, but I'd been on that part of it a few times already so I drove to nearby Tyler Bend, one of the most popular put-ins on the river, which happens to also be home to several medium-length, nice trails.

After parking at the Visitor Center, I got on the River View Trail and followed it 1.3 mi. up to the Collier Homestead.  Along the way, I took in great views of the river and enjoyed the changing vegetation which varied from river cane and ferns to cacti, large white oaks, and beautiful moss-covered cedars.

From the homestead, I followed the Buffalo River Trail to the Spring Hollow Trail and took that downhill back to the visitor center.

Ferns and Cacti, Buffalo River National Park, Tyler Bend Trails
Cacti and Ferns

 Buffalo River National Park, Tyler Bend Trails

View of the Buffalo River, Buffalo River National Park, Tyler Bend Trails

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