Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coleman Creek Greenway Updates

Having worked on the Coleman Creek Greenway Committee, driven trackhoes and bulldozers, and planted trees for the project, this trail is special to me.  The eventual goal here is to have a trail running from the north end of War Memorial Park down to Fourche Creek, just south of Asher Ave./Col. Glenn Rd.

So far two small parts at the far ends are done while much of the middle section could be done quickly if funds were made available.  In fact, large parts of the middle section are already paved!  In War Memorial, there is a paved trail along the entire length of the creek in the park.  The only problem is that despite being told by well-paid consultants to do so, the city hasn't yet closed the golf course, so non-golfers are discouraged from walking that trail.  (If you didn't already know, I think the golf course should be converted into a joint Little Rock Parks / UALR Botanical Garden.)

Down at UALR, the plan is to eventually close one or both sides of Campus Dr., the road that runs through campus along the creek.  This already paved surface would then become part of the Coleman Creek Greenway.

The first two maps below show the completed sections of the trail.  This top map shows the Trail of Tears Park that forms the southern tip of the trail on UALR campus.  As you might guess from the name, this park has informative signs about the Trail of Tears, which passed by this site.  The park also features a variety of native trees, wildflowers, and grasses.  The area just to the north of the park is also already paved, but is currently serving as a parking lot.

This map shows the northern end of War Memorial Park which has recently had a nice face-lift.  There is a paved loop on the east side of Fair Park Blvd. and the beginning of the Coleman Creek Greenway on the west side.

Here is the overall route, which could one day connect to trails at Hindman Park and Fourche Bottoms.
View Coleman Creek Greenway in a larger map

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