Monday, September 22, 2014

Refueling on the Razorback Greenway

As longer and longer trips on the Razorback Greenway become possible, more and more people will be looking for places to take a pit stop or refuel.  Starting in Fayetteville and ending in Bella Vista, this is a list of places within a couple blocks of the trail where you can get cold drinks, snacks, or use the facilities.  The numbers provided are rough distances from where the trail hits 15th St. at the southern end of Walker Park.  The map at the very end comes from and shows parking, water fountains, and more.

Fayetteville - 15th and Walker Park

0.0 Bathroom in the SE corner of the park near the basketball goals.
0.5  Korean Market less than a block north of the trail on School. Cold drinks near the front door and lots of interesting snacks, produce, and food options.
0.6 Just past School, the Tsa La Gi Trail splits off from the Greenway and provides access to a gas station and many fast food places and restaurants.

Fayetteville - MLK to Dickson
0.9 Wood Stone Pizza and Greenhouse Grille are great local places for good food and drinks. There is a Walgreens across School.
1.1 The Fayetteville Public Library is just to the east up a steep, short spur trail. It has a cafe and restrooms.
1.2 Once you hit Center, Geraldi's is a block to the west on University.
1.3 Wine Cellar, Rolando's, and a chicken place are right on the trail. Grubs is across the street.
1.4 Dickson Street! There are dozens of restaurants and bars here. Arsaga's and Deluxe Burger are right on the trail.

To Be Continued...
Contact me if I'm missing a place or if you want your business featured.

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