Monday, July 15, 2013

Ode To Magnuson Park

I know I've been doing a lot of posts about non-Arkansas trails lately.  Given that:
1.  I'm in Seattle for the next two months
2.  I know most of the people who read this regularly
3.  I don't make any money off this site (so far; feel free to send $1,000 checks anytime)
4.  I use this site largely to practice writing and for motivation to explore new places and get exercise,
I will just write about all the awesome places I'm exploring in Washington for the summer.  If you don't like it, visit some of the older pieces on here, click one of the categories at the top, or leave an angry comment (but at least try to be funny).

Ok, here goes, Seattle is an amazing city to live in during its short summer.  They have great parks and trails in addition to the great food, breweries, dog-friendly restaurants, and the views of MULTIPLE incredible mountain ranges including the Cascades and Olympics.  On clear days, Mt. Rainier is stunning no matter how many times you've seen it.

By chance (and due to incredibly rude and unprofessional realtors) I ended up in a great apartment complex near the Hall Of Fame Birke-Gilman Trail and outstanding Magnuson Park.  This park has it all, wild areas with dirt trails, ball fields, educational nature trails, movies in the park, tennis courts, indoor rock climbing, boating, small private beaches and large developed ones, sculptures, views of Mt. Rainier and the Cascades, and the greatest dog park I've seen.  There is also a community garden and blackberry patches and apple trees are scattered throughout the park.

My building connects directly to the most wild, natural section of the park called Promontory Point (trails shown in blue below).  This area and some others in the park have educational kiosks and plant labels.

View Magnuson Park in a larger map


  1. I will only read these non-related Arkansas posts if there is Whiny the Complainer brought with you on the return trip!

    Enjoy the Evergreen State!

  2. Ahhh Radford Court, a.k.a. Ratford Court. What about the climbing rock at the Mountaineers?! What about learning to sail at Sail Sand Point?

    1. All great points (except the apartment nickname), I have yet to rock climb or learn to sail, but maybe I'll get around to it. I should at least list those things though.