Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lake Leatherwood Eureka Springs

A few weeks ago I visited Eureka Springs for my final boys' weekend prior to entering married life.  We had a great time at The Cathouse Lounge, Mud Street Cafe, The Squid and Whale, and Chelsea's Corner Cafe, but I wanted to do something outdoorsy during the day.

Simply walking around Eureka Springs is great exercise and the beautiful buildings, hilly topography, and springs make it quite scenic, but if you want to get out in the woods a bit, nearby Lake Leatherwood is a good bet.  During warmer parts of the year, you can rent a variety of boats to explore the lake.  In early March, your options are limited to where your own feet can take you.  Luckily, there are lots of trails around the lake and lots of interesting things to see.  The trails range from small, rough, single-track to smooth wide gravel roads.  We hiked parts of the Fuller, Fishing and Beacham trails and our route is shown on the map below.

While Google Maps shows some of the trails, many more can be seen at

Fuller Trail Lake Leatherwood

Lake Leatherwood Dam Eureka Springs
The Dam

Lake Leatherwood Dam Eureka Springs
Behind The Dam

Lake Leatherwood Trail Map

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