Saturday, September 1, 2012

Apple Picking at Prairie Grove National Battlefield

Last week, we went to Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park to take advantage of the free apple picking we learned about on our previous visit.  I called ahead to see if it was that time of year yet and was surprised to learn that late-August was almost too late for picking!  When we got there, Buddy handled the apples on the ground, while I climbed some trees to reach more attractive specimens.  Angela developed an effective modified pinata approach using a stick and tennis racket that yielded some excellent, only slightly bruised apples.

I didn't get verification, but it seems like apple picking season is roughly the month of August.  To the non-professional eye, there appeared to be two varieties of apples.  Both were delicious, but the smaller, brownish, less attractive ones were incredible.  

The park has a 1-mile paved trail, pavilions for events, historic houses, and battle reenactments in early December of even years.

Update 7/24/2014: I went back at the end of July this year and it looks like the first half of August will be a great time to go pick.  I got some good ones on this trip, but could tell many weren't quite ready.

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