Monday, June 18, 2012

Arkansas Trail Resources - Find places to go and people to go with!

If you are familiar with this site and my books, hopefully you aren't having any trouble finding places to hike, bike, walk, or paddle nearby.  However, if you are new to the site, or looking for people to get outdoors with, or are bored with all the places mentioned here and in my books, then these resources might be of some help:

Finding Trails:
There are now quite a few Arkansas trail guides out there and I haven't read them all.  My favorites tend to be anything by Tim Ernst (in particular the waterfalls book and Arkansas Nature Lover's Guidebook) and my newest one, Trails of Central Arkansas.  Make sure you get books with good maps and great descriptions not only of the trails themselves, but also of how to find the trails in the first place.

Some cities do a good job posting maps and information on their trails online.  If you live in Fayetteville, you can visit this site for a list of trails and a map showing existing and planned trails.  Little Rock has also posted maps of some their major trails here and maps of trails in North Little Rock can be viewed here.

Finding People Who Like Getting Outdoors: has many groups in Arkansas that do outdoor activities and they make it easy to search for groups in your area. Some large and active groups you might want to checkout include: Little Rock Hiking Meetup Group and The NWA Hiking Group.

If floating is more your thing, visit the Arkansas Canoe Club website.  It has tons of floating information and an active message board where people plan trips all the time.

The Ozark Society and local chapters of Sierra Club and the Audubon Society also organize a number of fun  and educational outdoor excursions. 

Let me know if I left something out!

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