Thursday, May 24, 2012

Going anywhere for Memorial Day?

Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching and lots of Arkansans have already made plans to get outdoors.  I know this because I can't find a place to stay ANYWHERE (that also allows dogs).  It looks like it will be a little warm for camping (though someone might make me go anyways), but here are useful links to some great places I won't be going this weekend:

Petit Jean State Park - Hiking Trails
Mountain Magazine State Park - Hiking Trails
DeGray Lake State Park - Hiking Trails
Mt. Nebo State Park - Hiking Trails

Not Really Trail Related:
Cowie Wine Cellars (museum and B&B) (Not far from Mt. Magazine)
Eureka Springs - Great street hiking, unique architecture, and treehouses!  Near Beaver Lake and White River.

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