Friday, March 23, 2012

Photography Fun

I got a new digital camera and have been having some fun learning how to use it. I enjoy photography and it's been awhile since I did any (not counting iPhone or basic trail photos). This post was created in 2015 but I set the date in the past to keep it a little hidden.  Here are some of my favorite photos taken on my old film Nikon or my new digital one. For more photos by me, feel free to checkout the photos page on this blog, or follow me on Instagram or Pinterest.

Here are some photos I made using a laser pointer (aka best dog toy in the world). Most exposures were 30 seconds.

Probably corny, but I thought this made it look plugged in.

For this one I attached a blinking light to Buddy's collar and let him chase the laser while I wrote his name.

This one is just me shining the laser into lightbulbs that aren't on.

Bald Eagle on the Buffalo River.

30" Exposure ISO 200 F-stop 3.5
Here are some examples of how playing around with F-stop, ISO, and shutter speed can impact photos:

1/40"  ISO 100 F22
(I set ISO low and F high to get longer exposure, which on a sunny day still wasn't that long)

1/4000" ISO 800  F5
(Higher ISO, low F-stop, means shorter exposure)
Zooming in on the previous photo, you can see that the super short exposure time allows you to see drops of water frozen in place.
Red-shouldered Hawk in Flight. Arkansas

Gull in Flight, Ano Nuevo State Park, California

Turkey Vultures in Flight, Arkansas

Red-shouldered Hawk Diving. Arkansas

Robin Attacking Window

Robin Attacking Window

Female Elephant Seal, Ano Neuvo State Park, California

Elephant Seal, Ano Nuevo State Park, California

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