Monday, April 21, 2014

Fayetteville Trail Updates

Yesterday, my friend and I wanted to check out the new developments along Fayetteville's section of the Razorback Greenway so we started at Walker Park and biked to Lake Fayetteville.  From Walker Park, the trail heads west where it has a new at-grade brick crossing of College Ave. followed by a few bridges before the tunnel under MLK (this short section must've been expensive!).  It took awhile to reach the next new section, but it was worth it.  The recently opened, Clear Creek Trail, allows people to reach Lake Fayetteville without leaving the safety of the trail and the route it takes is full of great scenery and interesting sights (like Lokomotion and the old stone buildings by the trail nearby).  The final leg of the Clear Creek Trail connecting to Lake Fayetteville has a pretty steep hill that some bikers choose to walk.  
Go check out the new sections of trail in Fayetteville.  Now is a great time, since the dogwoods at Lake Fayetteville are in bloom!  


View Fayetteville Trail Additions in a larger map

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