Sunday, January 19, 2014

New Trails Coming to Walker Park

Update 1/20/15: The disc golf course is still not installed, but the course has been cleared. Walker Park is now connected to the Frisco Trail/Razorback Greenway and it will soon be extended under 15th and head west near Cato Springs Rd. out to Mt. Kessler.

Update 1/22/14: Ok the "trails" below are a disc golf course!  The Frisco Trail extension is still coming in to the west side of the park near the skate park and it will connect to the existing Walker Park trails.

I haven't verified this with anyone at the City, but I think there are some new trails coming to Walker Park.  On a recent trip to the park, I noticed some large cleared paths through the woods in the northern half of the park.  After following them around, it became clear that these weren't sewer or gas pipeline right-of-ways.  The map below shows the route we took, but I think there were some more trails in there.  Some sections were wide, which made me think they will eventually be paved, while others were thin, which may mean they are destined to be dirt paths.  The wooded areas of Walker Park are great places to add nature trails or beginner mountain biking trails.  With the coming connection to the Razorback Greenway/Frisco Trail, Walker Park will see more visitors from all around the area making adding some new recreational opportunities to the park seem like a great idea.

View New Walker Park Trails in a larger map

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