Saturday, December 3, 2011

Walker Park Trail

Today I managed to dodge the rain and get in a nice run down to Walker Park.  The Walker Park Trail runs around the perimeter of the park and ranges from a thin concrete sidewalk to a 10ft. wide asphalt trail.  The most scenic part of this trail was in the northeastern part around the Senior Activity Center.  The part of the trail shown in green on the map below, was wooded and had some nice views of the city.  Much of the rest of the trail was not very scenic, but it was pretty flat.  This trail would be really nice if people cleaned up the creek and the city planted (and better protected from deer) some more trees along the trail.

For those really looking to get in some nature, there are some dirt trails through the forest between Block Ave. and College Ave., but they aren't recommended unless you are perfectly comfortable coming across tents in the middle of the woods.

View Walker Park Trail in a larger map
View Walker Park Trail in a larger map


  1. Keep it up, Johnnie. I hope you are able to leverage your new book to help this blog and visa versa.

    Where will you sell your new book in central Arkansas? And will be available at certain NWA places like Barnes and Noble?

    Also, have you ever hiked any trails around this part of central Arkansas? -

    1. Thanks Evin! I liked the article you linked to and hope you've recovered from your first paintball experience. As a matter of fact, there are two places in Trails of Central Arkansas right around Mayflower. Both are really cool and fairly unique for this part of the state.