Monday, October 17, 2011

Rim Rock Nature Trail - Beaver Lake

Last night, Angela and I camped at the Prairie Creek Public Use Area on Beaver Lake, after failing to find a spot Saturday. This morning, we decided to hike the Rim Rock Nature Trail, located in the eastern part of the park, before heading home.  As is the case with many trails in Arkansas at this time of year, it was overgrown in many places and we eventually gave up about halfway through due to fears of ticks and chiggers.  The trail passed along an interesting little bluff (Rim Rock I'm guessing) and provided views of the lake.  There were numbers on a few trees which made me think this trail was initially a self-guided nature trail.  I bet the trail is great in the winter, especially for people looking for some real nature time in a largely over-developed, RV focused, campground.

Rim Rock Nature Trail, Beaver Lake, Arkansas, Prairie Creek

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