Thursday, August 13, 2015

Interested in Writing for Trails Of Arkansas?

Do you enjoy writing and getting outdoors in Arkansas? Trails of Arkansas is looking for one or more writers. I've listed some rough qualifications below if you fit some or all of them and are interested, contact me via one of the sites listed here:
or via the contact form here:

Compensation would come in the form of a strong feeling of accomplishment, ability to share what you love, and also profit sharing based on share of traffic generated. Profit is currently pretty close to $0, but I could see it getting up to $10 a month without much changing (So much I know! Sounds almost too good to be true!). Maybe more if you have good ideas on advertisers or write great material!

What I'm looking for:
1. Ability to write about outdoor experiences (hiking, camping, floating, biking, active transportation, climbing) and local, state, and federal policy issues that impact these
2. Basic photography and editing skills (cellphone pics are fine these days)
3. Ability to make maps in Google Maps. (I am also ok with teaching this one)
4. Bonus points if you live in part of the state that I don't live in or if you are a big mountain biker, climber, or whitewater paddler since I don't cover those well. I'm currently in Fayetteville, so it'd be great to get someone from Central Arkansas or other parts of the state.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little Rock Trail Network Expansions

I've written previously here and in my books about the need for Little Rock to work on trail connectivity and the potential of trails along Coleman Creek, Rose Creek, Rock Creek, and Fourche Creek. Tonight they are voting to add many of these ideas to the master plan! Please contact your director or attend the meeting to show your support for these projects.

These trails would greatly expand the walkability and bikeability of Little Rock. The Rose Creek Trail (it may have another name now) would connect the River Trail to Fourche Bottoms and would also make it easier for a lot more people to bike to work downtown by connecting major residential areas to the River Trail.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Fun with a Game Camera

My parents got a game camera awhile ago and I've been the main one checking the results and adjusting its location and settings. Here are some of the more interesting videos and photos its taken at their house in West Little Rock. You can see more great videos on my Youtube channel.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Bike to Work Week Live-Blog

In honor of Bike to Work Week, I pledge to at least try to bike to work this week and report the results, experiences, and my thoughts here.

Day 1: 
Perfect weather, a little crisp in the morning. This is going to be awesome. I got to hear the rushing of water in our local creeks and saw a groundhog and a killdeer. Biking lets you take in sights, sounds, and smells that driving muffles or eliminates. The trail was wet in many places, but not muddy. Along with the water on my pants, my fears of showing up at the lab with bikers butt evaporate quickly.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Año Nuevo State Park, California

Año Nuevo State Park in California is a great place to explore the coast and see wildlife. The main attraction, if you are there at the right time of year, is the elephant seals. There are multiple places along the trail to see elephant seals and these are subject to closure and trail reroutings if seals get too close.

In addition to female and young "weener" male elephant seals, we saw sea lions, rabbits, large colorful snails, pelicans, seagulls, lots of "evidence" of coyotes, and more.

A typical stroll to see the seals will be 3-4 miles round trip on trails ranging from dirt to sand, and boardwalk. Educational signage and very informative rangers are located throughout the park.

Año Nuevo Island is visible from several spots along the trail and has an interesting history and some interesting abandoned buildings.